About Me

Pavel Dimens

I study long term migratory fish behavior by comparing their genomes and hypothesizing what forces are driving population subdivision. It's pretty fascinating stuff, but the life histories of migratory marine fishes can really complicate the analytical part of this work, which only makes it that much more interesting (and oh my god so frustrating!).

My Career

University of Southern Mississippi

Population genomics of highly migratory fish species in the Atlantic Ocean advisor Dr Eric Saillant

Jan. 2016
Ph.D. Student

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

Population genetics of a highly migratory coastal shark across crypitc barriers advisor Dr David Portnoy

Sep. 2014
M.S. Student

Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory

Examine phosphate sediment spikes in sediment near oil refinery and phosphate plant

May. 2014

Eurasia Foundation Social Expertise Exchange

Collaboration with WWF, Yellowstone NP, Baikalsky, and Barguzinsky Zapovedniks in the Buryatia Republic, Russia spotlighting both systems between the two countries

Apr. 2014

Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory

Fisheries Ecology Laboratory -oyster settlement and coastal fisheries ecology

Sep. 2012


My Work


Population genetics package for the Julia langauge


Custom code for genomics applications

...   ...

Graphic Design

A medley of graphics made for science and for fun